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An insight to movement and durational art explorations, made between 2019-2023, as part of exhitions, studio practice, research and developments.

Tracing Trails

"Tracing Trails" (2022) was a durational live art performance at The Thursday Show in Shift, Cardiff. 

The performance was two hours long, made with chalks and pastels on concrete and on a canvas roll. 

The whole meditative process is about tapping into intuitive mark making that is available through movement, I explore the limits of my body by tracing only the movements my body can make. 

The marks are made only by personal choice in the way my body feels to move, therefore each line is a direct expression of occupying space and reaching for its’ limits.


I find that it slows down my breath and allows me to be in tune with stored emotions in my body that are unleashed through movement and play.


Here, I allow myself to be seen and to focus on mindfulness rather than being dictated by a visual end goal.


It replenishes me to the core by allowing the audience to see me at my vulnerable states as well as my most empowered ones.

Paper Room

'Paper Room' is the exploration of my movement performance, done in my studio space at Fox Lane Studios. 

The most accessible way for me to develop this practice is to tape a room full of paper, to meditate and move on it to see where the lines want to go.

By leaving it hung for a couple of days, I can revisit it and add to it with acrylics which gives a layer of symbolism to it.

Exhibit A & B

A sharing of the findings from an explorative research project by Becky Johnson and myself.

EXHIBIT explores the relationship between movement and art and how each can feed the other in direction for creation.

We work using each other as a score to create, using the other's art form as direct instruction on how to produce.

EXHIBIT involved in a residency and performance at Sull Space, Cardiff.

EXHIBIT B differs in instruction, in which I was given the choice to follow (EXHIBIT) or to respond to the score or neither: creative choice become integral for a true understanding of the score.
EXHIBIT B performed for IAFT 19/20 Tokyo:Cardiff at TactileBosch Lounge.

EXHIBIT also took part at Dewsbury's "Not-The-Fringe Festival" 2020 as a video recording of the performance, filmed in lockdown by Julia Spencer.