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Making the Wagon



The Well Wagon idea came during lockdown as a consequence of the lack of support for people stuck in isolation, suffering from anxiety and with no coping mechanism.


During this time I analysed the restrictions in place and found that a business "on the go" would be allowed, for a small group of people.

I researched successful businesses that utilised this model and implemented it in my vision, as well as studying the designs of the structures of existing transportable businesses.



I came up with a business plan and project proposal to apply for Bright Ideas Den at the University of South Wales. 

I managed to secure a small pot of funding that covered the tricycle and some wood for the structure.


With the money from BID, I ordered a bike cargo as a base to build the structure upon.

During Summer 2021 me and my father designed and built the workshop space using the same funds.

The whole structure is made of fir wood, the table folds out, seating three people comfortably. 

There are differently sized drawers to store art materials and other necessities, there is also an umbrella hold to provide coverage for the participants


Logo and social presence

I started sketching ideas for the logo of the business that my sister redesigned digitally, while also sharing Well Wagon publicly on the socials platforms. 

Marketing & Communications

I started designing posters and call outs for events to share on social media, while teaching myself how to brand the business and recreate the vision digitally.

I reached out to charities and organisations to showcase the service provided, while also contacting venues and corporations and tailoring sessions to their needs.

BAB80AB0-1088-430B-A4B8-548B4EFCFF9E 2.JPG

Session planning and networking

We started developing sessions plans that could tackle different practices and needs, that we could develop through community participation.

Through the active engagement we have received, we are constantly learning the community's needs and interests, while becoming friends with people that we wouldn't of otherwise, without the Wagon.

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