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The callout:

What does Unfinished mean to you?

Are people and their work ever finished?

Do you have or are you an unfinished work?

Does your unhappiness with your work lead to it's abandonment?

Your unfinished business could influence and inspire people!


Anamaly, Sam Evans, Annabelle Johnson, Dinah Vagina, Bronwen Calnan, Mark slowey, Annie Fenton, Jess Parry, Sarah Harris, Caroline Richards, Jodie Powell, Ruth Hogger, Ruby Ingleheart, Alastair Grey, Lauren Enoch, Lily Prentice, Sara Christova, Jack Humphrey, Susan Akins, Beth Smith, Shako Safari


POETS: Beth Smith, Calum Noakes, Caroline Richards, Gareth Twamley, Alastair Grey, Zaru Jonson

DANCERS: Becky Johnson

MUSICIANS: Annabelle Johnson, Calum Noakes + Friends

"Unfinished" was the first open call I ran, exhibited at RUG, inside Capitol Shopping Centre, Cardiff (2019). This was my first experience in managing, curating, promoting an exhibition and event.

The aim was to celebrate unfinished creations by unfinished creators, giving the space for creative people to showcase work that has an unfinished element to it, may it be with their relationship to it or the work itself. I wanted to provide a space for talented people to open up to, as I found many creatives being doubtful of their work or themselves.

The opening night included unfinished performances involving in spoken word, dance and music.

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